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Leanne Linscott, Medical Imaging Manager for MDI Hospital, has been appointed to Chair the team organizing the 2007 annual meeting for the American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA). The preeminent national organization serving radiology administrators and technologists, the AHRA provides professional and educational services to a nationwide membership of thousands.

As Chair of the “Design Team” Ms. Linscott supervises a group of other radiology professionals from around the country to plan, organize, and execute the AHRA’s signature event. “The Design Team helps to choose the site, the presenters, and the vendors,” explained Ms. Linscott. “It’s an honor to be asked to chair this Team. Nearly 1300 people attend, so it is seen as the premier event for this industry,” she added.

“It is a major achievement for her and recognizes the hard work she has put in over the years in service to AHRA,” said Dr. John Benson, Medical Director of Medical Imaging. “We all benefit from her participation in her national professional society at this level.”

Planning for the 2007 annual meeting, to be held in Orlando, Florida, will begin soon, explained Ms. Linscott.  “We need to choose everything from the shirts staff wear to the keynote speaker.”  When choosing speakers for the meeting, the Design Team keeps in mind several factors. “We need to think about how each presentation would help our profession. We also need to make sure that presentations are diverse and fulfill educational requirements,” she added.

“We all benefit from her participation in her national professional society at this level,” said Dr. Benson.  “She has brought a number of innovative management ideas to our department. Through her networking contacts, she can often find an appropriate solution to various issues.”

“This is a great opportunity for me to be involved in shaping the biggest event in this industry,” explained Ms. Linscott. “I feel very privileged to be asked to take on this responsibility.”

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