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For the fourth consecutive year, Mount Desert Island Hospital is one of just ten hospitals nationwide to receive a national award for overall patient satisfaction. The award, presented by the research firm Avatar International, Inc., is given to the ten hospitals with the highest combined patient satisfaction survey scores for Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency Department, and Ambulatory Surgery.

“We’re pleased once again to be one of a select few hospitals nationwide honored for the exemplary overall satisfaction of our patients,” said Hospital President and CEO Art Blank.

“This award not only reflects the consistently excellent quality of care throughout the organization, but the continually outstanding quality of care through the years,” added Mr. Blank.

“We work hard on quality improvement, and use our patient satisfaction surveys to help guide us in our decision making,” explained Vice President of Quality Management Ruth Lyons. “Our patients’ satisfaction is one of the many yard sticks we use to measure how we are doing and how we can meet and exceed their expectations.”

Avatar International, Inc. is a consulting firm that conducts patient satisfaction research for hospitals throughout the United States. Clients include small hospitals, such as MDI Hospital, and large regional facilities with hundreds of beds.

Since 2002, the MDI Hospital organization has received eleven awards for patient satisfaction including Overall Satisfaction, Exceeding Patient Expectations, Most Improved.

“We’re especially proud to have compared favorably in terms of patient care with some of the largest facilities in the country,” said Mr. Blank. “Once again this proves that smaller community hospitals like ours provide care that is equal to, and often better than larger facilities.” 

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