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Beginning Friday, October 6, Mount Desert Island Hospital will unveil a new security system designed to improve safety and to enhance the flow of foot traffic in the Hospital.

The new system involves photo ID badges for staff and volunteers, and the closing of the Wayman Lane entrance to all but Hospital staff, trustees, and patients of oncology and cardiac rehab departments. All others are asked to use the Hospital’s main entrance at the rear of the Hospital next to the emergency department.

“As part of MDI Hospital’s overall commitment to quality, we’re taking steps to ensure the continued safety of our staff, visitors, and patients,” remarked Art Blank, Hospital President and CEO. “The photo ID badges will not only identify the holder by name and title, but with a photograph.”

Name badges, without photographs, will also be distributed to visitors, including vendors. 
 “We’re not doing this in response to a specific threat,” emphasized Mr. Blank. “We are simply following industry protocols to guarantee the safest, most secure environment for staff, patients and visitors,” he added.

Hospital staff badges and those worn by trustees will include a coded security strip that can be read by new security card readers located at Hospital entrances throughout facility. “Hospital staff and trustees with appropriate clearance can still use all entrances. But anyone without the proper security badge must enter through the main entrance,” said Mr. Blank.

“Our registration staff will direct visitors and patients to the appropriate location within the Hospital, which makes it easier for people to navigate their way through our facility,” commented Mr. Blank.

In preparation for the coming cold and snow of winter, the Wayman Lane entrance has been refurbished with radiant heat to prevent snow and ice accumulation. Because the oncology and cardiac rehab departments are located on the same level as the Wayman Lane entrance, patients of those departments will be given temporary security cards allowing them to enter and leave through that door.

“We’re making every effort to accommodate the patients of these departments, while at the same time ensuring a safe and secure environment,” stated Mr. Blank.


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