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The cost of medication is going up all the time. MDI Hospital’s Prescription Assistance Program can help patients of all ages receive your medication at little or no cost to you.

Free prescription medication is available each year through programs sponsored by America's pharmaceutical companies to those who lack prescription coverage. Yet, many who need this valuable prescription drug assistance either have no idea it exists or are unable to receive the free medicine that is available due to a complex application process.

MDI Hospital’s Prescription Assistance Program makes the process of receiving free medicine simple for those who qualify. We will assist you with the paperwork details to ensure each patient receives the maximum amount of prescription drug relief for which they qualify.

Applications can take six to eight weeks from the time you apply to our program until the time your receive medications from the pharmaceutical companies. Applications are subject to a physician signature before submission to the pharmaceutical company. All of our physician’s have worked closely with our Prescription Assistance Program

In order to participate, you must be a legal resident of the United States and must not have any outside assistance in paying for your prescription drugs, including Medicaid and Veterans Administration benefits. Some programs are available to Medicare Part D enrollees who can demonstrate a need.

All of the assistance programs are based on financial need with most programs requiring an income that is below approximately 250 percent of the federal poverty level (example: single person below $30,000; family of four below $62,000). Proof of income, such as tax returns or Social Security Benefits letters, are required. This information remains confidential and cannot be shared with outside agencies.

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