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When considering options for the birth of her three children, Lesley Horvath of Northeast Harbor decided MDI Hospital Obstetrics Department and Certified Nurse Midwife Linda Robinson were a good fit. “She’s wonderful and they’re very pro-mother at MDI Hospital.”

Horvath explains that Linda’s calming, knowledgeable approach to the delivery of her babies made a big difference. “I love the way Linda gave me all the information I wanted. She knew what was best. She’s amazing. She just knows what needs to be done.”

The comfortable, familiar surroundings of a small facility were a big part of what drew her to MDI Hospital. “It feels like coming home. You know the nurses. I take yoga with some of them,” she explained.

“I really appreciate the care from the moment you walk through the door. From the colors on the walls to the homemade quilts. The whole experience is important. It’s all about you at MDI Hospital.”

The quiet, soothing atmosphere was something she also valued. “There were other women having babies but you hardly knew it. It’s restful and peaceful. It’s kind of like a spa – from the milkshakes to the Motrin.”

Having access to such this remarkable facility and a talented provider whose training and skills match her needs is something Horvath is grateful for. “I really wouldn’t have my baby any place else.”

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