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Pregnancy and childbirth is a wonderful and exciting time. However it can also be a time for anxiety &/or concern for new parents who are unsure of what to expect or how to care for themselves and their newborn infant. With this in mind, the OB Department of Mount Desert
Island Hospital offers several classes during your pregnancy to help alleviate these stresses as you prepare to embark on the magnificent journey of parenthood.

The following classes are offered throughout the year:

Labor Class #1: covers signs of labor, stages of labor, comfort measures, breathing techniques and coaches’ role. Take by Week 36. 2013 dates: Jan 15; Mar 5; Apr 23; May 28; Jul 16; Aug 27; Oct 8 & Nov 19.

Labor Class #2: covers the labor tub, labor pain management, anesthesia options, possible interventions, Cesarean Section information and maternal post partum changes. Take by Week 36. 2013 dates: Jan 22; Mar 12; Apr 30; Jun 4; July 23; Sep 3; Oct 15 & Nov 26

Breastfeeding Class: covers importance of breastfeeding, how it works, how to get ready, breastfeeding positions & techniques. Take by Week 36. 2013 Dates: Jan 29; Mar 19; May 7; June 25; July 30; Sept 10; Oct 22 &Dec 3.

Breastfeeding Support Group: Meets the last Wednesday of each month (except this year November’s group will be on the 20 and December’s group will be on the 18th) Share experiences, questions answered, develop confidence, network with other mothers. Dads and babies are welcome too! Group meets at Birch Bay Village from 6PM-8PM. 2013 dates: Last Wednesday of the month, *Exception: 11/20 & 12/18*

Newborn Care: covers the newborn admission process plus the basics of newborn care including feeding, burping, diapering & bathing, sleep patterns, crying & soothing techniques. Take by Week 38. 2013 Dates: Feb 5; Mar 26; May 14; July 2;Aug 13; Sept 24; Nov 5 & Dec 17.

Sibling Class: prepares big brothers & sisters for the arrival of their new baby. The class is geared toward younger children (toddlers to age 7). Please call instructor for older children. Take by Week 38. 2013 Dates: Feb 12; Apr 2; May 21; July 9; Aug 20; Oct 1 & Nov 12

Infant & Child CPR: American Heart Association Friends & Family class provides instruction for new parents on what to do to help an infant or child in an emergency situation. Class can be taken anytime. For Moms’ comfort take by Week 36. 2013 Dates: Jan 8; Feb 26; Apr 9; June18; Aug 6; Sept 17; Oct 29 & Dec 10

OB Department Tour: helps familiarize you with where things are, how the rooms are laid out, our department security measures and more. Tour is held on the 15th of every month at 7pm.

  • Registration is required.
  • Classes are held at MDI Hospital & begin at 6pm.
  • The classes typically are between 1 - 1 1/2 hours in duration.
  • Dads/partners/coaches are encouraged to attend these classes with Mom.
  • Fee for each class is $10.00 per class per couple.

How to Enroll:

  1. Ask your Health Care Provider for a registration form or call MDI Hospital & ask to speak to the OB Nurse on Duty who can mail you a form; or  Download Registration Form
  2. Decide which classes you are interesting in taking.
  3. Look at your schedule (keeping in mind your due date) and select your dates.
  4. Mail or fax your registration form to the OB Department.
10 Wayman Lane
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

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