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For an unprecedented eighth consecutive year, Mount Desert Island Hospital has been named one of the top hospitals in the country in a national patient satisfaction survey.

The Overall Best Performer award, presented recently by the research and consulting firm Avatar International Inc., is based on the results of the hospital’s 2009 patient surveys.

The award is given to those hospitals with the highest overall combined score for Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency Department, and Ambulatory Surgery.  The award is given only to the top five percent of hospitals in Avatar’s national database.

“This once again affirms our commitment to quality experiences and outcomes for our patients,” said President and CEO, Art Blank. “There is a quality focus in everything we do and it shows in the health and satisfaction of our patients.”

The Hospital also received the Avatar award for Exceeding Patient Expectations based on 2009 patient surveys.  “Thanks to our track record of success, our patients have high expectations, so this award is testament to our ability to continue to create and meet higher standards,” said Blank.

Since 2002 MDI Hospital has also won a total of nineteen Avatar awards for overall performance, meeting and exceeding patient expectations, improved outpatient services, innovative communications, patient loyalty, and emergency services.

“These awards reflect an organization-wide culture of excellence,” said Blank. “Our community demands and deserves the best care and they’re telling us through their surveys that we are delivering.”

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