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Mount Desert Island Hospital’s Information Technology team has been recognized by a leading national trade publication as one of the top 5 places to work, in part because of the organization’s commitment to technology such as the national initiative to make electronic health records an integral part of patient care.

Electronic Health Records make a patient’s clinical information more readily and safely available to providers and enable physician orders to be transmitted in real time.

Healthcare IT News ranked MDI Hospital as the number two small hospital in the nation in the magazine’s second annual Where to Work: Best Hospital IT Departments report. The rankings are based on answers by IT staff members to 67 questions about their workplace and their roles. In order to qualify for ranking, at least half of the IT team must complete the survey. Nationally, nearly 11,000 IT professionals completed the survey from 272 hospitals.

In the article recognizing the MDI Hospital team, Information Technology Director Mark White tells the magazine he has made teamwork his core focus, involving his staff in the decision-making process and treating them like he would want to be treated.

“The demands on hospital IT departments have multiplied exponentially,” White said. “This recognition pleases me because it is result of the team’s comments and it means that they are happy and doing what they love to do…solving problems and making our ‘customers’ happy using technology.”

Recent projects the IT Department has been instrumental in include rolling out electronic health record systems at MDI Hospital’s eight health centers, integrating systems with Maine’s Health InfoNet, and introducing Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) in the hospital.

“Health care technology today is more connected than ever, which means IT professionals are centrically involved from the planning stages to the day to day operations of most aspects of treatment and diagnosis,” said MDI Hospital Vice President of Finance Chrissi Maguire-Harding. “Having a strong IT team with a varied and wide range of skills is essential for our providers while delivering quality care to our patients.”

Healthcare IT News is the industry’s only newspaper, reaching more than 54,000 subscribers, including IT management, C-suite and general management, and clinical executives at hospitals and IDNs, group practices, ambulatory care facilities, home healthcare organizations, as well as healthcare payers, consultants and vendors.

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