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Mount Desert Island Hospital performs better than 97 percent of hospitals nationwide in the care of heart attack and heart failure patients, and above the national average or better in patient satisfaction, according to a recent Maine Hospital Association (MHA) report. 

The report, available on the web at, details the findings of two studies conducted in 2003 to monitor, improve and report clinical quality and patient satisfaction in Maine hospitals. MDI Hospital is one of 33 in Maine that volunteered to take part in the studies. 

“We participated in these projects because we believe strongly in the importance of measuring our performance, both in terms of clinical performance and patient experience, and using this information to improve the care we give,” said Hospital President and CEO Art Blank.

“This is part of our commitment to quality-improvement, and the communication of meaningful information to the communities we serve,” added Blank.

The clinical quality study, conducted by the Northeast Health Care Quality Foundation, analyzes statewide implementation of national standards of care, known as “best practices,” for heart attack and heart failure patients. The two health problems were chosen for the study because they are among the most frequent causes of hospitalization in Maine. 

Best practices include steps such as the timely administration of certain drugs and evaluations, and the offer of smoking cessation classes. Not only did MDI Hospital score in the top 2.5 percent of the national database, but it achieved 100 percent compliance with all best practices. 

Catherine Bunker, RN, who oversees the Hospital’s cardiac care program, HeartSpring, attributed the Hospital’s high scores to staff awareness as well as a careful process of documentation and review. “We were already performing at a high level, but this project ensured that our adherence to national standards was documented and shared with the public.”

The patient satisfaction study involved a survey conducted by Avatar International. The project measured several factors of inpatient care during October, November and December of 2003. The survey examined such factors as the hospital environment, nursing care, and problem resolution. 

The report reveals that MDI Hospital scored above average or better compared to a national database of hospitals in nearly 70 percent of the inpatient care factors. 

“These scores represent the Hospital’s commitment to our patients and their happiness while in our care,” said Blank. “We have made a concerted effort to ensure our patients’ satisfaction, to solicit their feedback, and to work hard to meet their needs.”

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