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Ophthalmologist Timber Gorman, M.D. recently performed her first implantation of the revolutionary Acrysoft ReSTOR® multifocal lens at MDI Hospital. The ReSTOR® lens, implanted during cataract surgery on patient Brenda Lemoine of Brooklin, is the first of its kind to provide both near and distant vision, greatly decreasing the dependency on reading glasses or bifocals for cataract patients. 

“Most patients who undergo cataract surgery today receive monofocal lenses, which usually require them to use reading glasses or bifocals for near vision following surgery,” explains Dr. Gorman. Dr. Gorman adds that, although the Food and Drug Administration approved the lens for use in 2005, she delayed offering it to her patients in order to review information about patient satisfaction and outcomes.  Satisfied with the data, Dr. Gorman says “I’m excited to be able to help patients like Mrs. Lemoine have the opportunity to read and drive without glasses.”

This past year, MDI Hospital purchased the Alcon INFINITI™ Vision System, a state-of-the-art instrument in cataract and lens removal technology, which provides eye surgery patients an increased margin of safety. The Hospital also became the first facility in Maine to implant the revolutionary ReSTOR® lens.

“The combination of this new equipment and lenses such as the ReSTOR® allow me to provide my patients with even better vision following cataract surgery,” explained Dr. Gorman.  Dr. Gorman added that she will follow cataract patients through office visits for 3-4 weeks after surgery.

Mrs. Lemoine is excited about the prospects for better eyesight. “I look forward to being able to drive at night, watch my soap and chase after my four grandchildren,” said Mrs. Lemoine.

Dr. Gorman is a practicing Board certified ophthalmologist at Downeast Eye, M.D. in Trenton, and an active member of MDI Hospital’s medical staff. In addition to cataract surgery, she also performs a wide array of other eye surgeries, including medically necessary eyelid procedures, Botox injections, and laser treatments for glaucoma and diabetes. Dr. Gorman’s associate, Dr. Madison Cravey, also sees patients at the Trenton office. Although Dr. Cravey plans to retire later this year, Dr. Gorman explained that she will continue to see his patients until a new ophthalmologist joins her in practice. Dr. Gorman can be reached at Downeast Eye M.D. at 667-9690.

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