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Cadillac Family Practice, a health center of MDI Hospital, has recently begun offering MDI student-athletes a convenient way to get treated for sports-related injuries. Mondays, from 3pm to 4:30pm, Dr. Mark Kandutsch is offering a sports injury clinic to diagnose and treat athletes from Island schools with injuries sustained during competition or practices.
“We wanted to broaden the support MDI Hospital and its clinics gives to local schools,” said Dr. Kandutsch. “Last year the Hospital provided a trainer to the high school, and this year we’re providing medical support at sporting events by having a provider on site for soccer and football games,” added Dr. Kandutsch. The Hospital also has a contractual arrangement with School Union 98 to provide nurse practitioners at MDI High School and Pemetic Elementary School.

Dr. Kandutsch explains that the hour and a half time slot, which can accommodate as many as four patient visits, will remain open until noon on Monday for students who need to make a last minute appointment. “Some students will get hurt on the weekends and we’ll be able to see many of them by leaving this time slot available,” explained Dr. Kandutsch.
Dr. Kandutsch has gained a reputation among local athletes for his in-depth knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries and innovative, non-invasive treatment solutions. A family practitioner, Dr. Kandutsch is also a member of the American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine and has a special interest in non-surgical orthopedics and sports medicine.
“Most of the injuries I see with athletes involve the extremities, which requires a special knowledge of orthopedic medicine,” explained Dr. Kandutsch. “And I’ve been working with many types of athletes for years, from runners to football players. My focus is to get them healthy and back into the game as quickly as possible, while always keeping in mind that these are kids, and that safety comes first,” added Dr. Kandutsch
Depending on the nature of an injury, Dr. Kandutsch has many options at his disposal. “Some patients will respond well to non-invasive treatments including manipulations,” explained Dr. Kandutcsh. “Others can rehab on their own with some specific guidance, and others need to be referred to physical therapy or a specialist.”
Dr. Kandutsch will also work closely with coaches to help them design workouts around their athletes’ injuries. “I’ll be in close contact with the coaches and will work with them to develop modified activities that can be done at practices so the athlete can still be a part of the team throughout the healing process.”
 For more information or to make an appointment with the Cadillac Family Practice weekly sports clinic for local student athletes, call 288-5119.

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