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Mount Desert Island Hospital’s Diabetes Self-Management Program has once again received Education Recognition from the American Diabetes Association.

The Recognition indicates that the program meets the national standards for diabetes self-management education.
“This recognition is base on strict staffing, curriculum and outcome standards,” said Diabetes Self Management Coordinator Sherri Hall, RN, CDE. “The national standards are rigorous and, because of the dynamic nature of health care, are updated every four years. MDI Hospital first received Education Recognition status in 2001.”
“Our program helps educate people who have been diagnosed with diabetes about techniques to help them manage their disease,” said Hall. “It’s an on-going process of educating and skill building in the area of self-care.”
“We incorporate the needs, goals, and life experiences of the person with diabetes and base our work on evidence based standards,” said Hall.
“The overall goal of our program is to support informed decision making, self-care behaviors, problem solving and active collaboration with the health care team with an ultimate objective of improved clinical outcomes, health status, and quality of life,” she added.
“Our program includes meter upgrades and training, health assessments, foot exams one-on-one appointments with a registered nurse and a dietitian, and day and evening classes conveniently scheduled to accommodate people’s busy lives,” explained Hall.
MDI Hospital’s Diabetes Self Management Education Program is provided both at the Hospital and at the Community Health Center in Southwest Harbor. “We expanded the program last year to the Community Health Center to improve access to this important service for our neighbors living on that side of the Island,” said Hall.
For information on Mount Desert Island Hospital’s Diabetes Self Management Education Program, call 288-5081, extension 1315.

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