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In the Diabetes Education Program at the MDI Hospital, we provide education and one on one support to help you manage and live well with diabetes. Our team includes nurses, Certified Diabetes Education Specialists and dietitians who also work with your primary care provider. Affiliated with Maine’s Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, our program has achieved Education Recognition from the American Diabetes Association indicating that it meets the national standards for diabetes self-management education.
Our program offers a variety of ways to manage your diabetes including:

  • One on one diabetes education with a nurse educator
  • One on one nutrition counseling with the dietitian
  • Insulin pump education by our 2 Certified Product Trainers
  • Electronic continuous glucose monitoring using the Medtronic iPro*
  • Group diabetes education classes

Topics often focused on during appointments include:

  • What diabetes is
  • How diabetes is treated
  • Ways to monitor your blood sugars
  • Healthy eating and physical activity options
  • Reviewing/adjusting your medication regimen
  • How you can prevent short-term and long-term complications

* Medtronic iPro sensor is a device used to take your glucose levels every 5 minutes providing up to 288 readings daily to give us an even clearer picture of patterns with your blood sugars than with HbA1c testing, logbooks and blood glucose meters alone!

Counseling is also available for patients with gestational diabetes with a focus on educating about monitoring, healthy eating and medication/insulin therapy if needed.

Our educators are available by appointment and are willing to work with you to find a time and location that will be convenient to you and your busy life! Appointments are available at the MDI hospital as well as the Trenton Health Center and the Southwest Harbor Community Health Center.
A referral by a primary care provider is required to take part in the MDI Hospital Diabetes Education Program so be sure to ask or call us and we will make the referral for you! Most health insurance plans will cover the cost of the program, but we can help you determine whether or not your insurance coverage will apply.

Diabetes Educators:
Linda Beaudoin, RN, CDE
Rosemarie Davis, RN, CDE
Sherri Hall, RN, CDE
Patricia Zavaleta, RN

Amory Davis, RD, LD
Caitlin Henrikson, MS, RD, LD

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