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Landscaping and demolition work is slated to begin on July 5 on one of the Main St. properties recently acquired by Mount Desert Island Hospital. The former Cadillac Motor Inn between Livingston Rd. and Oliver St. will be partially demolished, sidewalks rebuilt, and landscaping installed.

MDI Hospital Physical Plant and Nutrition Services Director Greg Corrow said this project will include replacing the sidewalk on Livingston Rd., installing extensive landscaping, entirely demolishing the inn building that borders Oliver Street, and partially demolishing the building in the center of the parcel.

In consideration of the residential neighborhood that surrounds the inn property, steps will be taken to minimize construction vehicle traffic around the property and working hours will be set to offer the lowest level of disturbances to neighbors.

While the permanent use of the property is still under review, in the interim, the home on the parcel will be configured to house MDI Hospital’s Human Resources Department that is currently located on Hancock St.  In addition, the portion of the inn building that will remain will be utilized for short term housing.

MDI Hospital President and CEO Art Blank said the primary goal of this initial project is to improve the aesthetics and safety of the property and fill immediate space needs.  The permanent use of the property is currently an integral part of the master planning process. “We’re figuring out the terms of our global plan that we expect to have complete in the next 18 to 24 months,” Blank said. MDI Hospital acquired the Cadillac Motor Inn and Cadillac Medical Building as a result of generous donor support. The use of those properties, along with the Main St. Motel property that is also hospital owned, is currently being determined in the master planning process.

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