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His is the face of Mount Desert Island Hospital Cooper-Gilmore Health Center and it’s been a familiar one for three generations of patients. For four decades, Edward Gilmore, MD, has not only been caring for patients but changing the face of medicine at MDI Hospital.

Having trained in Boston, Dr. Gilmore realized that urban life and big city medicine weren’t for him. “I like one-on-one contact with patients, seeing them in and out of the hospital.” He also realized that innovation developed in large technical hospitals could be applied elsewhere to improve care across the hospital spectrum.

Dr. Gilmore was an early pioneer of the now familiar Critical Care Unit. Having worked and trained in Mass General’s first CCU and seen its success, he brought the concept to MDI Hospital and built the hospital’s first CCU in 1971. So integral was he to the process, he helped raise the money, facilitated staff education, and even designed the unit with the help of a local contractor. Since then, the CCU at MDI Hospital has been reborn twice, most recently in 2007 with the dedication of the Edward Gilmore, MD Intensive Care Unit in the Colket Inpatient Care Center.

Facilities aside, the true beneficiaries of Dr. Gilmore’s commitment to the community are his patients. As an internist with a specialty in cardiology, Dr. Gilmore’s patients are almost exclusively adults. It’s his relationships with patients that makes Dr. Gilmore say he is one of the “luckiest people I know because if you love your work, it is a fortunate position to be in.”

At 71, Dr. Gilmore has reduced his work week to 50 hours from 80 in what he calls “doing a little less and enjoying it even more” and says he’ll retire if he is “unable to keep abreast in my field,” which isn’t likely to be anytime soon.

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