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Certain experiences in our lives can have profound effects on the path we ultimately follow. For Linda Robinson, CNM, serving in the Peace Corps after completing nursing school, led her to discover her passion.

Linda is a certified nurse midwife at MDI Hospital’s Women’s Health Center who discovered midwifery while working in Africa where she says all nurses are midwives. That experience refocused her professional and personal outlook and set her course to a field that she says is “not a career, it’s a crusade.”

She says the midwife experience during pregnancy and childbirth is holistic, personal and “gives women more of a say. The process is open within safety guidelines to what you want out of the experience.” Her zeal and enthusiasm for family health was born through her Peace Corps experience and is something she brings to the Mount Desert Island community and beyond. One of her most recent ventures took her to the Congo where she shared her expertise for a year-long initiative with Doctors Without Borders. The family and community commitment is a way of thinking that not only defines labor and delivery but is carried throughout the entire Women’s Health Center practice. From the traditional home-like setting that offers a living room instead of a waiting room to the unrushed approach to treating people and not just symptoms, the Women’s Health Center offers an experience that “feels like you’re being cared for by family,” Linda says.

Midwifery and Linda’s practice is not limited to delivering babies. Women’s Health Center family physician Mary Dudzik, MD, physician assistant Jane Tawney, PA-C, and Linda have created a well-rounded, community-centric health center that offers complete women’s health services.

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