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Lou Ingrisano, PA-C, wasn’t the first physician’s assistant in Maine, but he wasn’t far from it. He’s close enough that his four digit license number begins with two zeros. And with the exception of a couple of short stints elsewhere early in his career, Lou says “MDI Hospital is my home,” where he’s been since 1978.

Lou practices family medicine at the MDI Hospital’s Family Health Center 11 months of the year. To round out his schedule and keep his perspective in check Lou spends a month in remote, and often politically unstable, locales such as Darfur, Afghanistan, and Mongolia to provide care and what he says is to “re-learn hands-on medicine.”

In the early 1970s when Lou went to graduate school to become a PA, the field was in its infancy which gave him the opportunity to develop an approach that is hands-on and sensatory - that gets support from technology but isn’t beholden to it. It’s a philosophy that has served him and his patients well for 35 years, first in the emergency department and then in family medicine where he practices today. “I like to think that I don’t treat disease or illness, I treat a patient,” Lou says. “I don’t give orders, I offer advice.”

It’s a philosophy that must be working for him and his patients because In recent years, Lou was named the 1999 Maine Outstanding PA of the Year and the 2002 National Rural PA of the Year by the National Academy of Physician’s Assistants.

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