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Most everyone knows what a hospital is and probably has a pretty good idea what goes on there. At its most basic level, a hospital exists to guide the sick and injured back to health. Peel away that over simplified shell and the vastness of the role a hospital plays in the community comes into view.

Modern medicine and its delivery is more of a team sport than ever before. The MDI community is fortunate in many respects because of the way the team has welcomed innovation, technology, and medical science to offer a sophistication of care that is not always associated with a small and somewhat rural hospital. At the same time, many MDI Hospital providers have found ways to embrace traditions that enable a personalization of care that is just not possible in most urban practices.

The MDI Hospital Organization cannot be defined as a 25 bed critical access hospital and eight area health centers. Statistics about buildings and bed counts do not paint an accurate picture of what the organization truly is. At its core, it is people: 457 people to be exact. They are physicians, nurses, counselors, therapists, administrators, assistants, technicians, clerks, cooks, and carpenters, but their most important titles are parent, sister, family, neighbor, friend.

Through this slideshow we hope to offer a glimpse behind the brick and mortar and open a window into a small cross section of the people who define MDI Hospital and Health Centers, the teams they’re a part of, and why it’s important to them to be a part of the Mount Desert Island community and how they are the core of this hospital’s values, vision, and mission.

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