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Ultrasound Accredited FacilityUltrasound imaging uses sound waves and not radiation to produce images. It can be used to evaluate organs, abdomen, pelvis, kidneys, testicles, extremities, and carotid and renal arteries. We also perform obstetric, Doppler, and venous ultrasounds. MDI Hospital’s sonography and imaging teams have the training and experience to facilitate specialized cardiac ultrasound procedures such as exercise echocardiography or stress echo that produces images of the heart during active conditions.

The depth of experience is also evident at MDI Hospital where two sonographers have earned the Advanced Practice Sonographer certification, a credential that is held by as few as 200 sonographers nationwide. Learn more about the team and their research projects here.

Before your exam

Most ultrasounds do not require any advance preparation. It is helpful to wear comfortable clothing around the area to be scanned. You may also be asked to wear a gown. For pelvic exams, please come to our office with a full bladder. For kidney exams, it is important that you are well hydrated.

What to expect

The ultrasound technician (or sonographer) will place a gel on the area of the body to be imaged. The sonographer, or in some cases, a radiologist will press a handheld wand against the skin and sweeps it back and forth. The test is painless and can be completed in 30 to 60 minutes.

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