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Patient Satisfaction


Patients who visit the Hospital or one of our health centers are randomly selected and sent a survey. The survey presents statements about the care the patient received. Each statement represents an indicator of quality. Patients choose one of five responses to each statement, from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree, based on their experience. The responses are scored from 0 to 100 in 25 point increments (Strongly Disagree = 0; Strongly Agree = 100). The score for each statement, or indicator of quality, is the average of all the responses for a particular time period. Below are overall scores for groups of similar smaller categories.

 is for scores equal to or above the state and national averages.
is for scores between the state or national average.
 is for scores below both the national and state averages.

Indicator of Quality Maine Hospitals 
(April 2013-March 2014)
US Hospitals 
(April 2013-March 2014)
MDI Hospital 
(April 2013-March 2014)
Overall Patient Satisfaction 93.11 90.44 93.94
Inpatient Care 92.76 89.63 96.06
Outpatient Care 93.25 92.25 94.30
Emergency Care 87.96 86.05 92.51
Ambulatory Surgery 93.05 94.00 94.09
Physician Practices 95.16 92.09 93.85
Obstetrics N/A 97.22 98.61