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MDI Hospital Business Friend Update: West Street Café is Back and Better than Ever

October 10, 2017

West Street Café has a brand new building and is back and better than ever this season. The landmark eatery on West Street in Bar Harbor long ago outgrew their original building, which, while full of charm, began to show its age. Saturday, July 29 marked their official reopening day, and co-owners Kevin and Jessica DesVeaux couldn’t be more thrilled. “We’re just really excited to have this space and share it with our staff and the public,” said Jessica.

During a three-year planning process, Jessica and Kevin took steps to ensure that their new West Street Café maintained the charm of their old building while adding much-needed space and structural upgrades that took into account the needs of their customers and their staff. “It was a combination of both of our visions,” said Kevin. The response to their new space has been outstanding so far, he said, people have been stopping in to check it out and have had really positive things to say.

The new restaurant is equipped with a brand new dining room with more seating, new bathrooms and a new kitchen with air conditioning. They also added a new server station, and a staff room equipped with a kitchenette and shower. “Now if you want to go out hiking during the daytime when you come back to work you don’t have to run home to shower before your shift,” Kevin explained. A lot of people who work here live off-island. We’ve tried to be really accommodating for the staff in our new design. We work too, and we understand. I think we nailed it.” Jessica couldn’t agree more. “We’re so excited to have it be reinvented in a way where we can give our staff the opportunity to work in this healthy, bright, inviting space,” she said.

Now that they have their new building, Jessica and Kevin plan to continue nurturing their business and contributing to their community. They look forward to expanding their previous 6 month season to 8 months and now plan to stay open April through November.

Kevin and Jessica appreciate that their Business Friends membership allows them to support the MDI community and they appreciate the outreach that MDI Hospital has done to make that happen. “I feel like the hospital has reached out more to the community and educated people more on a number of things. I see a number of programs that seem to be working well. I think I’ve seen more transparency too, which is important to me. I like that they’ve got more involved than ever in the business community and I hope that continues,” Kevin said.

MDI Hospital is grateful to have West Street Café as a Circle of Care level Business Friends Society member, and for all they do for the MDI community.