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You Make These Special Projects Possible!

MDI Hospital has partnered with Tufts University Medical School Maine Track Program, designed to bring doctors back into the state of Maine to practice medicine. Championed by Tufts graduate and MDI Hospital physician, Dr. Mary Dudzik, this program will not only enhance the students’ medical education, but enhance the working environment for our hospital clinicians. Funds raised with support the costs of housing and travel for the students, as well as MDI Hospital’s cost of administering the program. Learn More.
This first-of-its-kind partnership was founded in 2010 by a diverse group of committed physicians, RNs, and administrators from Bar Harbor and Philadelphia. Exploring various aspects of urban and rural medicine from the unique perspectives of a critical access hospital and an urban medical organization, this collaboration comprises 23 institutes and centers. Participants work side-by-side with patients offering educational sessions on a wide array of topics, and conduct cutting-edge research together. Learn More.
TMS, which stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, has shown to be an effective treatment in depression with patients who have been unable to be helped by medication therapy. Over 50% of our Behavioral Health Center patients have been diagnosed with some form of depression.
The Community Dental Center is the first non-profit dental clinic on MDI with a goal of seeing that all children, born on and living on the Island, receive the oral health care they need. Learn More.
Thrive’s vision is for MDI Hospital employees to be role models of a healthy lifestyle for our island community. What better example can we set for our patients than by being healthy ourselves? It is said to believe that healthy employees are happier and more productive thus they perform their jobs at the highest level. The mission of Thrive is to provide an accessible, comprehensive and proactive wellness program that will inspire employees and community members to reach their maximum wellness potential.