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Medical Technologist/Clinical Laboratory Scientist – Weekends

MDI Hospital

Full Time 36 hours per week. Friday-Sunday

Comprised of 12 FTE the laboratory offers testing in chemistry, immunochemistry, coagulation, hematology, urinalysis, blood bank, molecular biology, blood gases and minimal microbiology. The candidate collects, processes and performs analytical testing on patient specimens; performs quality control procedures; evaluates and reports patient test results; performs maintenance procedures on testing equipment. Knowledge of the theories and principles of medical technology allows candidate to follow prescribed strategies for recognizing a problem and problem solve using predetermined criteria. Successful candidate must possess excellent communication skills and the ability to work closely with other health care team members in a fast paced environment either as a part of a laboratory team or by themselves. All employees share responsibilities for holiday coverage and work together to insure coverage of all shifts.

Education, Training or Certifications Required:
Must meet the requirements under 42 CFR 493.1489 for personnel performing high complexity laboratory testing. May include but is not limited to:
Have earned a Bachelors or Associates degree in a laboratory science or Medical Technology