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Computer System Helps People with Memory Loss

June 21, 2010

Thanks to a grant from the Hattie A. & Fred C. Lynam Trust, people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia living at Birch Bay Village’s Safe Harbor can now stay in touch with loved ones and with memories that might otherwise be lost.

Installed in May, the “It’s Never 2 Late” computer system and software are designed to improve the quality of life of individuals by offering a wide range of programs to help maintain brain functionality as well as to help residents communicate with their loved ones and families.

Programs include interactive games and puzzles; clips from old movies and TV shows; internet radio with music and news programs; spiritual videos; virtual travel; personalized video care plans and life stories; and senior friendly email, as well as internet and webcam so family can stay in touch with their loved ones.  All of these functions are run on a 23” LCD touch screen, which eliminates the need for residents to learn how to use a mouse or keyboard.

Families are encouraged to send in photos and videos of the residents and of pertinent events that could be placed in the system to crate a “Photo Story.” A favorite collection of music can also be added to the Photo Story to further personalize it.

Once made, the resident can view the Photo Story as often as he or she would like.  The Photo Story can also be used as a great “ice breaking” tool for families during a visit.

It can often be hard to find common ground during a visit with a family member who is living with Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia. By having a Photo Story or other program in the “It’s Never 2 Late” available for them to share, it can help the visit be more interactive and enjoyable.


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