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Ellen DaCorte, RN Nominated for Caregiver of the Year

June 18, 2018

Ellen DaCorte, RN has been nominated for the Maine Hospital Association’s Caregiver of the Year award. Ellen has served her community for more than 20 years. Her warm brown eyes light up when she talks about delivering babies, her coworkers and advocating for women in her community. “I’m so in love with my job. I love the patients—I love my coworkers—I love our unit,” says Ellen. “It is such an honor to work together to meet the community need and provide a holistic approach to nursing and skilled clinical support.”

When she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University in 1996, Ellen knew that she wanted to work in women’s health. In 1998, she accepted a position in MDI Hospital Obstetrics Department and has never looked back. “Ellen has an amazing way of keeping an anxious laboring patient calm and focused during deliveries. She has such passion for making our little obstetric unit and newborn nursery such a warm, comfortable place where our patients love to have their babies,” says Dr. Katherine Gassman, Medical Director of the Lisa Stewart Women’s Health Center and Director of Obstetrics at MDI Hospital.

Ellen is a passionate advocate for women’s health, her patients, and her community. As a member of the Lisa Stewart Women’s Health Center Advisory Committee, Ellen has been deeply involved in developing education and outreach programs relating to expectant and new mothers, teen intimacy, and improving the lives of women and children in her community. Ellen has also served her community as a member of the Christian Education Committee of her church, where she worked to develop programming for younger families and children, and as a member of the parent-teacher organization at the Mount Desert Elementary School. “Ellen is an amazing nurse,” says Certified Nurse Midwife Tiana Larson. “Her dedication to both the patients and the staff is incredible.  She works hard to make sure that everything gets handled efficiently and her collaborative approach and positive attitude are such assets to MDI Hospital.”

Throughout her career, Ellen has continued to grow her clinical skills and education. She is Neonatal Resuscitation Program, Basic Life Support and S.T.A.B.L.E. Program certified, a Certified Lactation Counselor, a PeriFACTS educational coordinator, and has been an active member of the hospital’s Clinical Excellence Committee for more than a decade. She recently became her department’s Senior Charge Nurse and has found that she has a knack for developing hospital policy as well. “She had done incredible research to make sure we are practicing with the most current, evidence-based standards of care,” says Mary Glass, RN.

In everything that she does, Ellen maintains a commitment to excellence that is highly-valued by her colleagues. “I have been truly honored and amazed to have Ellen Dacorte as a colleague for the past five years. Our OB unit at MDI Hospital has a culture of excellence, and I believe that Ellen is a great figurehead and driving force of this culture,” says Brie Abbe, RN. “Ellen sets a very high bar for those she works with. She does this—as all natural leaders do—by setting an even higher bar for herself. She is invigorated by doing things correctly, improving processes and ensuring the highest level of care for all of her patients.”

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