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Lisa Stewart Women’s Health Center Hosts Group Meet-up for New Moms

March 7, 2016

Mount Desert Island Hospital is pleased to announce the start of a new group meet-up for mothers of new babies at the Lisa Stewart Women’s Health Center. Any mom who has welcomed a new baby within the past year is welcome to attend, whether they a first-time mom, or have multiple children. This is an ongoing group, which will meet every Monday from 11:30 am-1:00 pm, beginning February 22, 2016. The group will meet on the 2nd floor of the Lisa Stewart Women’s Health Center. Mothers are welcome to bring their baby and their lunch to the meet-up.

The group will be facilitated by Diane Kay-Daigle, LCSW. Kay-Daigle specializes in behavioral health counseling for individuals, families, and groups. This group meet-up will allow new moms to get together to discuss the challenges, changes and joys of motherhood. For more information call the Lisa Stewart Women’s Health Center at 288.8100.