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Living By Our Values

March 12, 2018

As gender equality in the workplace has increasingly become a topic of local and national conversation, the MDI Hospital Organization feels it is our duty to our 539 dedicated employees to share our record on gender diversity, equality, collaboration and inclusion.

Our organization is more than a nonprofit health care provider; we are a family, a team and a cornerstone of the MDI community. We live by our values of compassion, community, improvement, integrity, respect and teamwork. Providing a safe, inclusive and equitable workplace for all of our employees has always been our practice, and we’re proud of our record on gender diversity, equality and inclusion. The greatest assets we offer our community are the dedicated employees of this organization; we understand that our diversity is our strength.

Today, the hospital organization, which includes Birch Bay Retirement Village and our health centers in Bar Harbor, Northeast Harbor, Southwest Harbor and Trenton, employs 539 people, of whom more than half are women. Women hold 63 percent of our managerial staff positions and women are equally represented on our senior management team and amongst our medical practitioners.

We believe that gender diversity in our leadership enhances our organization by fostering an environment of inclusion and collaboration, ultimately ensuring the representation of a broad spectrum of perspectives that are encouraged and shared. It has always been our priority to provide a safe, inclusive workplace where all of our employees, patients, and community members are valued and respected.

Since I joined the organization in 2011, I have been continually impressed by our organization’s exceptional employees, its culture of respect and inclusion, and its dedication to our patients and the community that we serve. It is an honor and a privilege to work alongside these outstanding team members each and every day to strengthen the health of this community, and I am grateful for the opportunity to set an example of what we can accomplish when we work together from a position of mutual respect and cooperation.

Christina Maguire-Harding, Vice President of Finance/CFO, MDI Hospital
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