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MDI Hospital Goes Red for Women!

February 2, 2018

February 2 is Go Red for Women® Day! MDI Hospital team members wore red on Friday, February 2 to help raise awareness about the number 1 killer of women: heart disease. Nearly half a million women in the US have heart attacks annually. Heart attack symptoms can be subtle and confusing. Some people will experience ongoing or extreme fatigue, shortness of breath with usual daily activities, upper back/shoulder or abdominal discomfort. Often women feel that they have the flu, back strain or acid reflux, and do not seek medical attention. Heart disease is treatable. Don’t delay getting help. Even if you think your symptoms are not that bad and think they will pass, they were enough to get your attention. Don’t dismiss how you feel or worry about feeling foolish or wrong. When it comes to heart disease, speaking up can save your life!

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