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Zero Tolerance for Discrimination

March 19, 2018

As the recently retired Human Resources Director of MDI Hospital, I feel compelled to speak my truth regarding the recent letters in the Islander and the comments on the hospital’s Facebook page.

From my unique vantage point, whenever an employee came forward with a concern, that concern became the number one priority of my agenda. In each case, a thorough, confidential investigation was conducted, and resolutions were reached, sometimes with one or both parties not feeling completely satisfied.

In my experience, gender discrimination cases are very emotional for all concerned. It was my job to objectively investigate, ask the hard questions, seek evidence/proof, and come to reasonable conclusions. I never once was asked to ignore, excuse, look the other way, or falsify facts by the Senior Management. To the contrary, I believe that the commitment to zero tolerance for any type of discrimination at MDI Hospital is held, adhered to, and enforced by Senior Management.

Those of you who know me, and may have even been through such a situation with me at the hospital or the Jackson Laboratory, surely know that I could not and would not work for an organization unless such a commitment was genuine. Having said that, I can appreciate why those who felt they were not heard, or were not believed, or were not respected, believe that justice was not served. I can only state that I was never thwarted in carrying out the due diligence that each and every case deserved.

—Joanne Harris, Former Human Resources Director, MDI Hospital
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