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Family Planning


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Offered through our health center-based family practices, Family Planning at MDI Hospital includes comprehensive education and health services to help women plan when to have children, instruct in the use of birth control and education of the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Our services include

  • sexuality education
  • pre-conception counselling and management
  • birth control
  • pregnancy tests
  • fertility tests
  • prevention and management of sexually transmitted infections
  • distribution of barrier methods (condoms, birth control, spermicide, IUD, etc. )

Many types of birth control require a prescription that can be obtained by a visit to a family planning center or primary care provider. Minors between the ages of 13 and 18 can receive birth control without parental consent, but payment must be made in cash.

Our Family practices offer emergency contraception options, if you feel that this is something you need don’t hesitate to contact your provider.