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Breast Imaging Center of ExcellenceMammograms are very sensitive at detecting breast cancer but situations arise when additional imaging tests are needed. Breast Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI) offers enhanced resolution and screening capabilities for women with questionable mammograms. BSGI is especially useful for younger women who have dense breast tissue or post-menopausal women using hormone replacement therapy.

In some instances, BSGI results can avoid a biopsy or mitigate the need for short interval follow ups, providing peace of mind for patients with questionable mammograms.

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BSGI is a nuclear medicine diagnostic test that can differentiate cancerous from non-cancerous cells performed under the direction of the nuclear medicine laboratory. The woman receives a very small tracer dose of radiopharmaceutical. Standard breast images are taken by a mammography technologist using the BSGI device that employs a highly sensitive detector to create images for physicians to interpret.