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Primary Care and our Health Centers


For you—as a health care consumer—primary care is the starting line. Choosing your primary care provider is your first step off the starting block. A primary care provider is a doctor, either a medical doctor or a doctor of osteopathy. At MDI Hospital our primary care providers specialize in family practice or in internal medicine. Some of them also include gynecology in their practice.

Many of our physicians work with Physician’s Assistants or Nurse Practitioners. Some patients establish a powerful relationship with their PA or NP and don’t realize that these well-trained mid-level providers are backed up by a physician. The physician, in turn, is backed up by a staff including assistants and office supports, services such as care management, an on-site laboratory, a state-of-the-art medical imaging department and the Hospital itself with its inpatient facilities, its in-house specialists and access to an even greater array of specialists beyond its walls. When you step into one of our Health Centers—where our primary care providers practice— you are stepping into a system of support that will see you through your medical journey.

Because there is more than one kind of patient, there is more than one kind of Health Center. Many women like the homey atmosphere and personal attention of the Women’s Health Center. Families feel perfectly comfortable tumbling into the Family Health Center. People with sports-related concerns might find their home at Cadillac Family Practice. People age gracefully at Cooper Gilmore. The Community Health Center in Southwest, aptly named, is all about community. Trenton Health Center offers, among other things, the only Occupational Medicine Program in the area. The Northeast Harbor Clinic serves our summer visitors.

For most people, where you go is important but who you see is your most important health-care decision.

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