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Community Dental Center


Community Dental Center in Southwest Harbor

Founded in 2014
The Community Dental Center is MDI’s first-ever nonprofit dental clinic. The continuum of care we offer includes preventive cleanings, sealants, fluoride and general dentistry (extractions, fillings, root canals, and emergency treatment). By reaching out to patients, following up on appointments, and coordinating ongoing, regular check-ups, we aim to ensure that all patients—children and adults alike—receive a patient-centered model of care.

  • High-quality, affordable oral care for all ages
  • Preventative care and urgent care
  • Sliding fee scale; we accept all major insurance including MaineCare
  • Key mission: to ensure that every child on MDI and in the surrounding area receives essential oral health care

Community Dental

Community Dental Center
4 Community Lane
Southwest Harbor, ME

Each year, Community Dental Center hosts Give Kids a Smile Day, a day of free dental care for area children.

“By integrating dental health care with primary health care, hospital providers have a better chance of preventing and treating dental disease, improving chronic disease management and identifying disease precursors.”

Julian Kuffler, MD, MPH

Nell“One of my roles as a Community Oral Health Outreach Coordinator is to provide accessible preventive dental services to residents of MDI and the outer islands. It has become apparent that ‘accessible’ means more than just opening the door to our dental center. There are many regional residents for whom walking through that door is not possible, yet the services can be brought to them. Our growing portable program provides cleanings, sealants, fluoride treatments, and early childhood screenings. School children participating in our program receive two preventive screenings a year.”

Nell Dalheim, RDH