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Pricing & Transparency

Mount Desert Island Hospital and our Health Centers are continually working to provide information to our community and our patients with regard to services that we offer.

We have compiled a listing of the most frequently used/ordered services at both the hospital for inpatient room rates and outpatient ancillary units and as well as the provider based clinics. This list can be requested by calling our billing office at 288-5081 x 8522.

Prices may change for some service, and it is important to note that the list represents price estimates, there may be additional charges for having a test read by a radiologist, pathologist or other professional in addition to the hospital/clinic charge.

If a test is ordered by a provider it does not insure payment coverage by an insurance carrier. As always we are available to answer specific questions regarding items on or not on these lists.

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For more detailed information, contact our billing office at 288-5081 x 8522.

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