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MDI Hospital Diabetes Team Wins State Award

January 16, 2013
MDI Hospital’s diabetes educators Sherri Hall, (second from left), and Linda Beaudoin, (third from left), are presented with the 2012 Medtronic New Office of the Year Award for Maine by company representatives Dayna Emerson (left) and Jim Cockerham (right) for their efforts to offer insulin pumps and glucose monitors.

Mount Desert Island’s diabetes educators were awarded the 2012 Medtronic New Office of the Year Award for Maine. The award recognizes the team’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the management of diabetes through medical technology.

In 2012 MDI Hospital’s diabetes educators Sherri Hall, RN, CDE, and Linda Beaudoin, RN, became Certified Product Trainers for insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors from Medtronic. Their certification makes MDI Hospital the only facility in Downeast Maine to offer this alternative to insulin injection therapy.

The devices enable patients with diabetes to better manage their blood glucose numbers.  With insulin pump therapy, a small amount of rapid-acting insulin is delivered continuously throughout the day and night. Additional insulin can be delivered to cover glucose from a meal or to correct a high blood glucose reading.

“We are proud to have worked with you as you achieved some huge milestones this past year,” wrote   Medtronic’s Dayna Emerson and Jim Cockerham. “You have successfully been certified in the use of professional continuous glucose monitoring as well as insulin pump therapy.  The value you have brought to Mount Dessert Island Hospital and your community will be measured in lives with fewer complications and improved quality of life.”

If you are interested in learning more about the insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors or other services related to managing diabetes, please contact Linda Beaudoin or Sherri Hall Monday-Friday at 801-5043.

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