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Hospital Offers Free Wireless Internet Access

April 19, 2007

Mount Desert Island Hospital has begun offering free wireless internet access to patients and visitors in specific areas of the Hospital. With installation completed on April 12th, the system became available on the 13th

“We’ve been providing internet access to our patients for a while via a dial-up connection, but now patients and visitors can surf the web or retrieve their e-mail with the convenience and speed of a wireless connection,” said Information Technology Division Director Tim Zeiher.

Patients with wireless internet compatible laptop computers will be able to connect to the internet within 150 to 200 feet of wireless access points located in and around patient rooms and the Hospital’s emergency department. Instructions and tech support will be provided by the Hospital.

“More and more of our patients are asking for internet access while they are here,” explained Zeiher. “Although we provide patient e-mail through our website and internet access via a dial-up connection, wireless technology will provide a high-speed, broadband connection that will allow much faster surfing and downloads than dial-up,” explained Zeiher.

“Some patients even need to bring work with them and this will provide an important tool for conducting business while they’re with us,” added Zeiher.

The installation of wireless internet infrastructure coincides with construction currently underway to modernize the Hospital’s inpatient facilities. Funded by a recently completed capital campaign, the modernization project will result in private, more spacious patient rooms.

“Our goal is to make the patient experience at MDI Hospital comfortable in every way,” added Zeiher. “Staying connected to friends, family, or the workplace is important to our patients, and free wireless internet access is just one more way we’re working to ensure that.”

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