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MDI Hospital Awarded Full License Six Months Ahead of Schedule

May 19, 2006

As a result of the extraordinary effort by Mount Desert Island Hospital’s staff to meet and exceed State standards, the Maine Division of License and Certification has awarded MDI Hospital with a full license six months ahead of schedule.

The Hospital received a conditional license last November after an unannounced survey by the State Licensing Division that revealed deficiencies in areas that, according to Hospital officials, are unrelated to patient care.

“Our staff responded quickly to change the policies and processes requested,” stressed Art Blank, Hospital President and CEO. “We were able to bring most of the areas into compliance immediately, and our staff has worked diligently over the past few months to address the other issues,” added Mr. Blank.

While the majority of issues addressed as a result of the survey have gone unnoticed by patients, one issue did create a challenge for both patients and staff. “Because of the stringent interpretation of State pharmacy regulations by the surveyors, the Hospital decided to remove prescription drug samples from its health centers. Compliance with these regulations would have placed an undue administrative burden on our organization,” explained Mr. Blank.

“However, in order to ensure our patients continue to receive the important medications they need, we have instituted a Prescription Assistance Program. This innovative program will help our low income and elderly patients receive free or discounted drugs available through pharmaceutical companies’ financial assistance programs,” added Mr. Blank.

“We were offered an opportunity to undergo this latest survey six months ahead of schedule because the State recognized the extraordinary effort our organization has made,” stated Mr. Blank. “Our staff set standards that are higher, in many cases, than those set by the State. They came together to ensure that these standards are met, and that they will continue to be met in the future.

“Our Hospital has a tradition of high-quality care that goes back over 100 years,” said Mr. Blank. “We have been consistently recognized for a high standard of patient care in Maine and nationally, and we remain committed to the quality of care, and quality of life for generations to come.”

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