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MDI Hospital Celebrates Service Growth and Awards at Annual Meeting

August 19, 2006

MDI Hospital officials celebrated a year of growth in outpatient services, and a fourth consecutive national award for patient satisfaction during the Hospital’s 109th annual meeting on Monday, August 7th.

In his remarks, Hospital President and Chief Executive Officer Art Blank highlighted the opening last year of the Cadillac Mountain Medical Building, the expansion of the Trenton Health Center, and a new Obstetrics Department.  The new and expanded facilities provide additional room for the growing practices of neurologist David Goodenough, MD, occupational medicine provider Kathleen Pelkey, DO, and for the increase in MDI Behavioral Health Center programs, according to Mr. Blank.

In referring to the Hospital’s new OB Department Mr. Blank commented, “This critical piece of the Hospital’s ongoing modernization program was only made possible because of the tremendous community support we received from our Special Gifts Campaign.”  The Campaign, which ended last December, raised more than $1 million dollars in excess of its $2.5 million goal. Funds from this campaign, report Hospital officials, will enable the creation of a new Inpatient Care Center.

Mr. Blank also applauded investments in technology that have improved results and comfort for patients undergoing eye surgery and diagnosis for acid reflux.

In addition, Mr. Blank welcomed Julius R. Krevans, MD, the Hospital’s first dedicated Emergency Department Medical Director.

The Hospital has also continued to focus on helping the community help itself, reported Mr. Blank. “We have continued to invest in expanding our programs to empower our friends and neighbors to maintain and improve their health,” said Mr. Blank. He emphasized programs such as the Hospital’s Wellness and Prevention Program and a collaborative effort with regional organizations to provide early intervention and to encourage healthy living.

Mr. Blank concluded his remarks by thanking employees for helping the Hospital win, for the fourth year in a row, a national award for overall patient satisfaction. The Hospital was one of only ten throughout the country to receive the honor from the health care consulting firm Avatar International.

The evening’s keynote speaker, Dr. Erik Steele, spoke of the need for personal responsibility and community action in the area of health promotion. “We need to have community activity around health promotion. And I think your hospital is a model for that,” commented Dr. Steele.

Wendy Fielding, Hospital Chief Financial Officer, explained that, while the Hospital experienced fewer inpatient visits, the organization did see growth in outpatient services. “The number of outpatient surgeries grew by 4% over the prior year,” explained Ms. Fielding. Fielding added that health center visits grew by nearly 15%, physical therapy treatments increased by more than 11%, and that Birch Bay Retirement Village ended the fiscal year with more than 90% occupancy at the Inn.

Despite an operating loss, the Hospital, its health centers and Birch Bay Retirement Village enjoyed a positive overall bottom line. “Overall, the gifts we received from our friends and neighbors and other income from non-operating sources made the Organization’s bottom line slightly positive last year, with total net income over $158,000,” explained Ms. Fielding.

The evening ended with the presentation of awards for Volunteer of the Year, Community Service, and Employee of the Year. Jackie Agnese, an auxiliary member for 34 years received Volunteer of the Year honors. The Healing Hands Quilt Group was given the Community Service Award, and Lucy Kelly, CNA, who began her career at the Hospital in 1969, was named Employee of the Year.

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