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MDI Hospital-COA Internship Program

Grace Goshen COA Internship

“This has been the best thing that I’ve gotten out of COA. I didn’t ever expect to get this much clinical experience in undergrad.” – Grace Goshen, COA Intern





Expanding Education Through Collaboration.

The 10-week Mount Desert Island Hospital-COA Internship program was established in 2013 through a cooperative partnership between the college and the hospital led by Edward Gilmore, MD, MACP, Chief of Medicine at MDI Hospital, and John G.T. Anderson, W.H. Drury Professor of Ecology/Natural History and internship program coordinator at COA.

The program allows students the chance to directly shadow and observe physicians and nurse practitioners across a variety of specialties, and to experience the clinical environment first-hand.

Dr. Gilmore and Professor Anderson worked together to design the 10-week program, which consists of five two-week preceptorships, offering second and third-year students at COA broad exposure to a variety of aspects of healthcare delivery.

During the 10-week program, students are exposed to a variety of care situations and have the chance to discuss what they observe. Three of the two-week modules are fixed, while the last two are elective. The fixed modules of the program include primary care, rounds with a hospitalist and emergency care, while electives may include medical imaging, orthopedics, and obstetrics.

“I believe it benefits healthcare providers to have fresh minds around. Students can ask amazing questions, it’s very refreshing for their preceptors.”

Edward Gilmore, MD, MACP, MDI Hospital Chief of Medicine, COA Internship Program Director

“We are so excited, grateful and appreciative of the opportunity that the Hospital is giving our students!”

John G.T. Anderson, W.H. Drury Professor of Ecology/Natural History, COA Internship Program Coordinator